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Modern Theatre in Context: A Critical Timeline

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"Sam Scribble," an anonymous leading actor with the Amateurs of the Garrison in Montreal, has three of his farces published and staged at the 1,500-seat Theatre Royal, the main centre for dramatic and musical performances in Montreal. Two of his plays, Dolorsolatio: A Local Political Burlesque (Theatre Royal, January 9) and The King of the Beavers: A New Original, Political, Allegorical, Burlesque, Extravaganza (Theatre Royal, December 26), satirize regional, cultural and economic conflicts between the provinces and point to political confederation as the solution and as the means to avert annexation to the United States. Dolorsolatio is staged under the patronage of General Sir William Fenwick Williams, the Canadian-born hero of the Crimean War who was named commander of all British forces in North America in 1859, and is enacted by officers and men of British army and local militia units stationed in Montreal. The play's "Master East," "a gentleman of French education," is acted by Colonel Garnet Wolseley who five years later commands the expedition to suppress the first Louis Riel rebellion.

"Sam Scribble" has a third farce, "Not Dead Yet;" or, The Skating Carnival published in Montreal and performed at the Theatre Royal on February 22. Scribble's last known work, the farcical "classical extravaganza" Orpheus and Eurydice, is published in Montreal in 1866.hello